Mission Statement

Good Therapy provides products and services that support the enhancement of your health and well-being through the use of Whole Body Vibration technology.

Meet The Owner: Mike McMillen

Upon Graduating in 1984 at the University Of Central Florida, I had been experiencing serious debilitating health issues and complete lack of energy and vitality. Frustration grew, but I became tenacious in finding a solution. I floundered for many years and in 1994, I was recommended to see a holistic practitioner in Central Florida. She pinpointed some toxicities bound in my body and started me on chelation therapy and good nutrition. I quickly and miraculously responded.

Since finding my own good health my passion has been to share healthy living and healthy products. Whole Body Vibration has such tremendous benefits. In the 20 wonderful years that I have spent in health and wellness business, I’ve never received better response and feedback than from Vibration Therapy. I am so thankful…..and so are my customers!

Quality You Can Trust

Good Therapy delivers the highest-quality and most technologically advanced fitness equipment and products that provide maximum benefit and value to our customers.

We have machines that are designed for home users, professional athletes, medical clinics and commercial applications.

We ship our exclusive line of Whole Body Vibration systems directly from our distribution centers in Altamonte Springs, Florida direct to homes, fitness centers and facilities throughout the USA.

The Good Therapy team takes pride in providing customers with unrivaled care and service. People count on us every day for Whole Body Vibration technology products that are well-constructed, smartly designed, made of only the highest quality components – and ready to be delivered promptly to their homes or businesses.

Thank you for your trust!

Good Therapy LLC

1035 Primera Blvd. Suite 1041

Lake Mary, Florida  32746